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Student Directory

Lissette Aguilar

Lissette Aguilar, Ph.D. TIE3S
Lissette Aguilar CV 5.10.11.pdf
M.S. ITEMS- Tec de Monterrey
B.S. Technological Institute of Veracruz

"I want an opportunity to push science forward, especially in the area of environmental forensics." Lissette's research interests include the trace analysis of emerging contaminants in water, sediment, and biological samples.

Jeff Back

Jeff Back, Ph.D. Biology
M.S. Tarleton State University
B.S. Washington State University

As both a student and the man in charge of CRASR's inter-departmental water science laboratory, Jeff has found a way to combine his research interests with his work. "I focus on nitrogen, phosphorous, and carbon content of organisms across the ontogeny of a given species and how changes in these levels affect survival,"

Kristin Connors

Kristin Connors, Ph.D. Biomedical Studies
Kristin Connors CV 5.10.11.pdf
M.S. University of Minnesota
B.S. University of Minnesota, Duluth

"I'm from Minnesota, the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes.' Growing up, I spent summers canoeing in the primitive Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Northern Minnesota. I have always been keenly interested in water issues and aquatic toxicology."

Bowen Du

Bowen Du, Ph.D. TIE3S
Bowen Du CV 5.10.11.pdf
M.S. Baylor University
B.S. NE Forestry University, Harbin, China

"I want to work in industry: R&D. But if I have a good opportunity in academia, at a place like Baylor, I will take it!" For Bowen Du, who grew up near China's Daqing oil field, environmental concerns have always been of primary importance.

Daniel Hiatt

Daniel Hiatt, Ph.D. Biology
M.S. Eastern Illinois University
B.S. Eastern Illinois University

As an undergraduate at Eastern Illinois University, Daniel took a leap of faith and began to help one of his professors, a limnologist, with his summer research. "I got into it and started doing algae projects with him, and it just kind of stuck." His current research, under Dr. Ryan King, deals with "agar solutions and nutrient enrichment – mostly nitrogen – and the effect it has on biofilms in streams, specifically in the headwater streams of Alaska."

Lauren Kristofco

Lauren Kristofco, M.S. Environmental Studies
Lauren Kristofco CV 8.6.13.pdf
B.S. Allegheny College PA

Although the outdoors initially inspired Lauren's main degree in Biology, research opportunities pushed her toward pursuing a career in environmental toxicology. These initial classes and support from mentors resulted in Lauren acquiring a National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF REU) to study biofilms. This combination of experiences she feels is what brought her to Baylor: "It not only facilitated my exposure to research techniques and writing and presenting experiences, but also brought me into contact with my current advisor. Through my REU experience I met Dr. Bryan Brooks, with whom I now work."

Melissa Mullins

Melissa Mullins, Ph.D. Biology
Melissa Mullins CV 7.28.11.pdf
M.S. Baylor University
B.S. University of Kentucky

The Lake Waco Wetlands have been a huge part of Melissa's life over the past few years. Once the area was constructed, "we got this big education outreach grant, and someone was needed to coordinate it. It wasn't what I came back to Baylor to do, but I was really excited about it – so I applied and was put in charge."

Elias Oziolor

Elias Oziolor, Ph.D. Biomedical Studies
Elias Oziolor CV 2.28.14.pdf
B.A. DePauw University IN

I received undergraduate degrees in Biology and Biochemistry, which was crucial in giving me the background to join Dr. Cole Matson's lab and pursue Evolutionary Toxicology. I hope to continue in this field and maybe develop the understanding of it in order to improve regulatory decision making to include evolutionary impacts of pollution.

Caleb Robbins

Caleb Robbins, Ph.D. Biology
Caleb Robbins CV 8.12.13.pdf
B.S. Harding University AR

Caleb is broadly interested in basic freshwater ecology. As part of the Alaska Headwater Stream project under advisor Ryan King, Caleb is studying the influence of watershed features, primarily alder and wetlands, on stream production. Caleb graduated from Harding University in 2012.

Eleanor Robinson

Eleanor Robinson, Ph.D. TIE3S
Eleanor Robinson CV 10.10.11.pdf
M.S. Baylor University
B.S. Baylor University

After finishing her bachelor's in biochemistry here in 2008, she decided to stay on because she "just loved the atmosphere here; it was very welcoming. So I was originally just going to take a master's and then go elsewhere for my PhD, but I really liked [Dr. Sascha Usenko's] lab. I liked the research I was doing – I think it's pretty cutting edge – so I decided to convert to a PhD."

Alyse Yeager

Alyse Yeager, M.S. Biology
Alyse Yeager CV 9.4.13.pdf
B.S. Gettysburg College, PA

Alyse has always been interested in the environment and the organisms living in it. "I am intrigued by the way everything in nature is so deeply interconnected, and have found ecology to be a great way of understanding the cascading effects one change can have on an entire ecosystem." Alyse's undergraduate degree at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, provided a strong background in community level ecology. She is now at Baylor working with Dr. Robert Doyle expanding her knowledge about the nutrients necessary to sustain those communities.