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Finding an internships:

Why an internship?

Class of 2012: 60 Percent of Paid Interns Got Job Offers
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Employers use internship programs as a recruitment tool to fill positions. Internships allow an employer the opportunity to train you and observe how you fit within the organization. At the end of a successful internship, an employer may offer you a full–time position to begin after graduation.

What is an internship, and how can one be found?

Finding An Internships
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Like any search, you need a plan. Prepare ahead of time, and set a goal to complete an internship before your senior year. If you are not sure what career to pursue, develop a plan for internships in different areas of interests. If you are close to graduating, keep in mind that internships in some fields are available to recent graduates. Where ever you are starting, make a plan to intern—a great way to start is by meeting with a career coach (call 254.710.3771 or e–mail to schedule a 30 minute appointment)!

What employers hire interns?

Employers in all industries are looking for interns. Some employers are looking for interns with a specific education background, while others consider students of a wide variety of majors. Great internships can be found in large corporations and small non-profit organizations, and everything in between.

Top Intern Employers for 2011

A ranking of top employers of all sizes and industries looking to train talented college graduates.

A Day in the Life of a Chevron Intern


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