Online Articles & Career Tips

There are numerous career and professional development resources online. Take a look at some of the best articles we've found to help you in your job search or career:

"Get Your Resume Recruiter-Ready!," The Daily Muse
"22 Resume Mistakes That Are Way Too Common," Business Insider

"The Top Ten Body Language Mistakes Job Candidates Make – Part 1," Boyer Management Group
"11 common interview questions that are actually illegal," MSN Careers
"Tips for Mastering an Interview," Lauren Conrad
"Three Ways to Cope with Rejection," Media Bistro

"How Recent Grads Can Build A Professional Network," Glass Door
"Taxi Cab Wisdom: Networking Anywhere & Everywhere (Back Seats Included),"Media Bistro

Social Media
"Online reputation key for today’s job seekers," The Business Journal
"8 LinkedIn Mistakes You Should Never Make," The Daily Muse
"Social Media Cheat Sheet: LinkedIn Connections (Part I)," Social Media Today
"31 Company Twitter Accounts You Should Follow Today," The Daily Muse
"6 Ways to Attract Recruiters to Your LinkedIn Profile," Mashable

Improve Your Skills / Personal Branding
"10 Life Tips for New Graduates," Levo
"How to Turn an Internship Into Employment," Boyer Management Group
"3 soft skills employers value and what you can do on campus to get them," USA Today
"CareerBuilder Projects Fastest Growing Occupations Through 2017," Media Bistro
"Three Ways to Ditch Your Public Speaking Fears," Media Bistro
"An Editor’s Guide to Writing Ridiculously Good Emails," The Daily Muse
"6 Ways to Get Your Emails Read," The Daily Muse

Career Center
"5 Tips for Utilizing Your College Career Center," Levo

"5 Ways To Keep Motivated While Looking For A New Job," A Better