Search for Internships

How do I start my search?

  • Consider the skill set you want to develop

    Search for an opportunity that will help you develop those skills. Conduct self-assessment to determine what skills you are strongest in. You can schedule an appointment with Career Counselors to complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory.
  • Consider paid vs. unpaid internships

    A paid internship will allow you to receive compensation for your experience whereas an unpaid or academic internship will allow you to receive academic credit for the work completed in the internship. Academic internships are supervised by faculty members and approved by the individual’s academic departments.
  • Start early and be organized

    Begin your search at least a semester prior to the target start date. For example, some organizations will begin the hiring process for their summer internship program in the fall or spring.
  • Conduct research and create a plan

    Identify preferences including industry, location, compensation, etc., but remain flexible in your preferences. You may find something desirable that doesn’t fit your initial plan. Schedule an internship appointment with our staff to identify how to make these resources work for you.
  • Prepare your résumé and supporting documents

    Update your résumé, write a cover letter, gather references, and other supporting documentation. Have them reviewed by our staff.
  • Network

    Reach out to friends’ parents, parents’ friends, professors, advisors, alumni, or everyone you know! Networking is a relationship building process that helps you open doors, get interviews, and land an internship. Attending career fairs and utilizing HireABear are also great ways to broaden your network.
  • Prepare for interviews

    It is important to review your résumé and skills and research the organization before you arrive at your interview. You should also review interview questions in advance and practice your answers. Do a mock interview with friends and family, use the InterviewStream practice interview tool, attend interview strategy workshops, or take part in our mock interviews.
  • Contracts with employers

    Please contact CPD should the employer request a contract or information you're uncertain about providing.

**NOTE: In your search, you’ll find paid and unpaid opportunities. Please review the government guidelines and standards on internships/trainee programs.