Career Exploration Classes

Did you know that CPD offers courses in professional development and career exploration? Ask your advisor about the following courses:
  • PRD 2101 Professional Development

  • Starting Fall 2014!
  • EDP 1101 Identifying Potential Careers

  • EDP 1101 Identifying Potential Careers is a six week, one-hour credit course that begins mid-semester. This course is open to all Baylor students wanting to explore career options. EDP 1101 Identifying Potential Careers NSE is an option for the New Student Experience course, U1000. Four sections are offered at the beginning of each fall semester and are designed to help freshmen students who do not have a major. Both EDP courses allow students to complete two assessments, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory. The topics covered over the six-week courses include:
    • Who am I? Who will I become on this academic journey?
    • Why is personality important to career choice?
    • My interests: vocation or avocation?
    • How do I discover my calling?
    • What should my résumé look like?
    • Am I ready to declare a major?
If you are interested in registering for either class offered by CPD, please call 254-710-3771.