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Psychiatric Services

 Your first visit with the Baylor Staff Psychiatrist is usually an evaluation which focuses on why you were referred. The evaluation takes about an hour and will entail a series of questions designed to get to know you, your history, and the symptoms that you are currently experiencing. In most cases, treatment recommendations will be discussed with you. The psychiatrist will determine if your needs are within the BUCC scope of our services. If your needs are beyond the scope of our services, you will be referred to an off-campus psychiatrist and/or other mental health professionals.

Fees and Charges:

Psychiatric Evaluation $150.00

Psychiatric Follow Up $75.00

No Show Fees $25.00

The above charges will be billed to your Baylor University Bear account after each appointment.

  • You may use attached invoice to file with your insurance
  • You may schedule an appointment with our Case manager for assistance filing this invoice with your insurance.

If you have any questions, concerns, or problems please feel free to call our office at 254-710-2467.

McLane Student Life Center
2nd Floor
Phone: 254.710.2467
Fax: 254.710.2460

Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.