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Group Therapy: Is it for you?

For many emotional and relationship issues that college students often face, group counseling is one of the best treatments of choice. It offers the student a unique opportunity in a safe and supportive place to receive support and use peer interaction to help them work on the challenge that they are facing, while establishing a sense of "belonging" and realizing that often others have the same common concerns as they do. Also, research supports that group therapy is just as effective for most concerns that students have today.

Although many students are initially hesitant to join a group they often find that it is a very beneficial and positive experience.

Groups at the counseling center have an average of five to eight students and one to two counselors. They generally meet weekly, for 90 minutes, for a fixed period each semester. While our selection of groups varies throughout the year the center typically offers general therapy groups for Baylor students, as well as theme-focused groups, and drop-in groups.

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