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Baylor University Campus Recovery Program

We are seeking partners to support an on-campus relapse prevention program that will help students in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction succeed as members of the Baylor community. As envisioned, this program will support the change in trajectory for students in recovery by empowering academic success and lifelong recovery management within a faith affirming environment.

Responding to the Challenge of Alcohol and Drug Abuse on College Campuses:

Responding to the challenge of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Program Outcomes:

The program is designed to achieve the following outcomes and objectives:

1. Develop the whole student in recovery:

• Students will attend a weekly seminar, with eight to ten other students, designed to promote their health, equanimity, and wellness.

• Students will maintain an average GPA of 3.0 or higher.

• Students will receive partial scholarships while enrolled in recovery to encourage their commitment to program values, leadership and investment in the recovery community.

2. Help students in recovery discover their calling:

• Students will be assigned a staff mentor to assist with life coaching, career counseling, academic advising, spiritual formation, and recovery support and to serve as liaison with the student’s family.

• Students will attend the National Collegiate Recovery Conference with staff to learn best practices and present to the larger recovering community.

3. Help build a campus recovery community:

• Students will participate in addiction recovery programming three or more meetings a week (i.e., AA meetings) to aid in the development of a recovery identity and relational integrity, create resiliency and coping skills, and support relapse prevention.

• Students will be provided with space to meet, fellowship, study, and reach personal goals.

4. Cultivate global citizenship:

• Students will take an active role in a student organization created for the recovery program. This organization will promote leader development through service, conference attendance, leadership positions, and mentoring opportunities.

• Students will participate in monthly service projects.

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