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50 First Dates

The Power of an Image

In the movie 50 First Dates, Henry falls in love with Lucy. It is a beautiful love story with a fantastic twist. Lucy lost her short term memory in a car accident years before and can't remember Henry from one day to the next. In the beginning, Lucy is never told of her accident. Every morning her brother and father would begin the day exactly as the day her accident occurred. To earn Lucy's love, Henry goes through a ridiculous string of exploits. With time, he begins to make videos each night to update Lucy on her life and their relationship when the sun rises. '

As they progress in their relationship, she accepts him more readily each morning but also begins to feel guilty knowing she will never be able to remember their love. Lucy forces Henry to leave her. He packs up his belongings and, in tears, Henry sails away. But, as in any love story, he cannot leave. When he rushes back to her new care facility, she does not remember him; but she does ask him to come see some paintings she has done. When he enters the room, it is full of his picture! Even though Lucy forgets everything about Henry each morning, some part of her mind has remembered him and how meaningful he is to her.

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