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The Story of Bernie works well to illustrate how the use of pornography can take over and lead to a clear moral failure. Bernie was in a healthy marriage, but pornography began to invade his life. He began to look at it more often and fantasize about the women he found. With time, he even became enamored with the thought of hiring a prostitute and his mind dwelt on the idea with more frequency.

Then, on a business trip, Bernie was propositioned. At first it was surreal, and he did not fully comprehend what he was doing. But before he knew it he was in the room with the woman. Only when she began discussing a price did Bernie realize what he was doing, give her a little money, and rush out of the room.

The frightening reality is that many men do not escape, even at the last minute. Pornography opens men's minds to fantasies and actions that tear down moral fiber. Bernie's pornography use nearly led to adultery, but some other men are not as fortunate as he. Marriages have been ruined because of pornography. Likewise, single people have been damaged. As Dr. Archibald Hart says, what seems like "innocent" fantasy often leads to acting out in unacceptable ways.

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