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Cartoon Rabbit

Brer Rabbit

In Aesop's classic story of Brer Rabbit and the person made of tar, Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit have an ongoing feud. As it progresses, Brer Fox sets out to capture Brer Rabbit through the use of a tar contraption carefully assembled to look just like a person. It seems innocent and neighborly enough; but on the inside, it is made of a sticky combination of tar and turpentine.

Hopping by that day, Brer Rabbit stops and says "hello" to the tar creation. However, the tar person merely sits silently. Brer Rabbit begins trying other methods to get a response, becoming increasingly frustrated as each interaction leaves him unfulfilled. Finally, after deciding this new person must be a snob, he throws a punch and...his hand becomes trapped. Still unaware what he is doing to himself, Brer Rabbit continues to wrestle and fight until he has been consumed in tar and finds himself at the mercy of Brer Fox who can now come out of hiding.

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