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Other Resources

This list is not comprehensive. It is intended to provide resources to begin a more in depth look at the dangers of pornography and the sources of help available.

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Counseling is available to all Baylor students. Please contact us for an appointment or more information.

Online Resources

XXXChurch is a ministry based around ministering to those who struggle with pornography use. They offer a FREE internet accountability program for use.


Designed to support people who have been in a close relationship with someone addicted to pornography.

Geared toward people who feel they may be struggling with sex addiction. This site has online tests to help you determine whether you have a sexual addiction.

This site, controlled by the Sexual Recovery Institute, offers both information and a resource for help in various problems often associated with pornography. These problems include compulsive masturbation, voyeurism, cybersex addiction, and many others.


Every Man's Battle by Dr. Steve Arterburn

Focuses on helping men who struggle with sexual purity.

The Centerfold Syndrome by Dr. Gary Brooks

Deals with the effects culture has had on men's development and perspective on women along with methods to begin healing.

The Sexual Man by Dr. Archibald Hart

Includes a survey of more than 600 men that is used to help look at men's sexuality and some of the challenges they face.

Pornography Trap: Setting pastors and laypersons free from sexual addiction by R.H. Earle and M. Laaser

Specially focused on those in or moving toward the clergy.

Lonely All The Time: Recognizing, Understanding, and Overcoming Sex Addiction, for Addicts and co-Dependents by Ralph Earle and Dr. Gregory Crow with Kevin Osborn

Women, Sex, and Addiction by Dr. Charlotte Kasl

Geared specifically toward the struggles of women with sexual addictions.


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