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Actions and Consequences

Growing Temptation

At 13 years old, you may not expect a child to be vulnerable to pornography, yet Tim was. Now in his 20's he recounts:

"I can remember sleeping at my grandmother's house on occasion, and she had the premium cable package. This meant that after midnight some very explicit movies would come on. I still remember one particular night when I crept into her living room after she was asleep. To this day, I can very clearly envision the images and recall the scenario of the pornography I viewed that night. I suppose I will never forget it."

Dr. Archibald Hart states in The Sexual Man that young boys are deeply impressed by an event and can long remember what they have seen. (Hart 87) For Tim, this is clearly the case. What he viewed in childhood is still a temptation and burden to him, regardless of the years passing. As could be seen in Tim's story, the temptations of pornography can begin early in a child's life. In fact, many public libraries have reported problems with young people downloading "offensive" images on public computers. (Thornton 1)

General Effects

From a young age many people become affected by pornography. Unfortunately, many people do not understand the consequences. Throughout this site, effects of pornography are discussed. The section discussing effects of pornography on men mentions increases in voyeurism, objectification of women, a need for validation, trophyism, and fear of intimacy. When discussing the effects on women, affects to their self esteem and intimacy were added to the list of consequences. Finally, the section on sexual aggression pointed to some physical dangers of pornography usage. While these topics alluded to the effects of pornography, its effects on sexual activity and relationships are especially ominous, and so comprise the following paragraphs.

Altered Actions

When pornography is involved, people become more likely to act out the scenes they see portrayed. As Paul Pollard describes it, "There is evidence, from nonsexual events that simply imagining an event happening to oneself increases the subjective probability of that event, and such imagining has also been shown toVenus Fly Trap (w x h, 0 KB) produce actual changes in behavior." (Pollard 9) Pornography arouses desires outside of their appropriate boundaries and encourages sexual contact outside of a proper marital relationship. Fifteen percent of habitual online-porn users have experienced this effect personally by developing sexual behavior that was disruptive to their lives. (Paul 2) Countless people are discovering that saying, "It won't affect me" is nothing more than self-deception. A poll by the Kaiser Family foundation affirms this as 59% of the 15-24 year olds surveyed said they believed pornography encouraged young people to have sex prematurely. (Paul 3)

Relationship Devastation

Likewise, pornography often devastates relationships. Often the other party in a relationship will not tolerate pornography usage. Consider this, at a 2003 meeting of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 2/3 said pornography played a significant role in divorces in the past year. (Paul 2) This number is staggering, yet some of the effects of pornography on users make it understandable. To begin with, many women worry that pornography will make men less satisfied with their bodies, so they are already on edge when it comes up in a relationship. (Shaw 206) As for men, it has been shown that they sometimes become more sexually callous toward women because of pornography. (Garcia 378) When a man becomes ensnared by pornography, these and other effects can lead to a breakdown of the bond between the man and the woman.

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