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Request Supplies

Staples/Toner/Print Cartridges

Copier Services will provide the following consumables to facility, multi-departmental and departmental copiers: staples and toner/dry ink cartridges. These consumables are supplied at no additional cost. Your request can be submitted by email to the Copy Center, or you call call 710-1914 direct. When requesting staples and/or toner cartridges please provide the appropriate model number.


Baylor has contracted with Boise Office Solutions as the campus provider for copy paper. Boise offers an online ordering solution under their OfficeMax Solutions website. Campus Services has provided a list for paper reordering purposes located at the Paper Stock Item Numbers web page. For additional assistance please contact Clyde McCray at 1-800-228-7171, extension 3702 or Ruth Barclay at 1-800-228-7272, extension 2452.