Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Cultivating a habit and a hunger for learning

Cody Fergusson

Cody began his career in coffee in 2009 where many in the field of specialty coffee begin, Starbucks. During his tenure with Starbucks, Cody quickly discovered the fascinating world of specialty coffee and has never looked back.

Joining Brett Jameson, owner of Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits, in 2012 he helped start Waco's first specialty coffee and cocktail bar. While holding the position of Chief Coffee Officer with Dichotomy, Cody completed extensive course work through the Specialty Coffee Association of America that helped him prepare his own curriculum for coffee education.

In 2014, he joined up with Jameson once again, assisting in starting Apex Coffee Roasters to provide fresh roasted quality coffee the Waco community and beyond. Cody currently lives in Waco, TX holding both his positions with Dichotomy and Apex.

Courses Taught
  • A Caffeinated Journey: Coffee Bean, Brew and Cup