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Film Audition Information
Department of Theatre Arts has set up a section on a bulletin board across from the theatre callboard just for FDM students and their auditions and projects. All FDM students are welcome to post audition notices and information on this board from now on without asking permission.

To find the board--

• Come over to the Hooper-Schaefer Fine Arts Center

• Coming in the front doors, turn to the left

• Go down the hallway to the backstage area, turn left

• You will see half a bulletin board with bright blue fabric

• I've titled this section of the board "Film and Television Auditions/Opportunities"

Feel free to post notices in this area without asking permission

We created this board as the "go to place" for FDM information over here.'hope this helps.

One final thought, for greater success in getting theatre majors to your film auditions, give them at least a week's notice because they are required to schedule their theatre rehearsals at least a week in advance. Also, to maximize the number of theatre students, hold at least a portion of your auditions outside the 6:30-10pm time slot when mainstage productions are rehearsing.

Best of luck with all the projects.

Stan Denman, Ph.D.


Baylor University

Department of Theatre Arts