Jane Damron



Mars McLean Science Building, Room 169

Mailing Address:

Department of Communication
One Bear Place 97368
Baylor University
Waco, TX 76798-7368

Educational Background

B.S., Public Relations, Toccoa Falls College
M.A., Interpersonal Communication, Baylor University
Ph.D. (In Progress), Interpersonal Communication, The University of Texas at Austin


CSS 1302: Speaking for Business and Professional Students
CSS 3304: Small Group Communication
CSS 3311: Interpersonal Communication
CSS 3312: Nonverbal Communication

Current Research Interest Areas:

Broadly, my research centers on the ways in which relational partners jointly and commutatively navigate periods of stress and transition or the experience of loss. More specifically, I seek to understand how the concept of social support, or "supportive communication," in close relationships is related to coping and relational quality. My current investigations are focused on support adequacy as it relates to the passing of time following romantic partners’ joint experience of loss.

Teaching Philosophy:

My overarching goal in teaching is to motivate and facilitate my students' development as critical thinkers and lifetime learners. My inspiration and passion for teaching courses related to Interpersonal Communication is directly related to my belief that (a) communication impacts the nature and quality of our relationships, (b) the nature and quality of our relationships impact our overall quality of life, and (c) the discipline of Communication is a gateway through which we can explore the significant role communication plays in the human experience. I believe a combination of theory/scholarship and practice/application is key to students' meaningful and effective engagement and training within our discipline. I also believe that relationships are critical to the learning context; in my view, it is through cultivating a culture of openness, trust, and discussion that students are empowered to explore new and different ideas and to think critically about a variety of issues. It is important to me that my students are active in reading and evaluating recent and high quality academic scholarship, while also being able to make direct and practical applications for their own lives and intended professions. My ultimate aim is to prepare and equip my students to be mindful and strategic communicators in a variety of contexts, both professional and personal.

Family, Outside Hobbies and Interests:

My favorite person in the world is Caleb Damron, whom I met in 1989 (in kindergarten) and later married in 2007. He and I both work in the university context and, in our free time, we enjoy traveling. We specifically love exploring U.S. and European cities, and -conversely- spending time in the mountains. The third member of our family, our mini schnauzer Bella, is always thrilled to welcome us home from these adventures. I am very passionate about the arts, which means I frequent art museums and galleries, the symphony, the opera, and- my personal favorite- the ballet as much as I possibly can.

What is the best thing about being a Baylor Bear?

My favorite thing about Baylor is the Department of Communication! I am so proud to be a part of such a great group of faculty, staff, and students. More broadly, I love the sense of community and togetherness that is cultivated at Baylor. I am very thankful for the meaningful relationships I am able to develop with colleagues and students. Lastly, who doesn’t love Baylor Football games at McLane Stadium?!? Sic 'em!

CSS 1302 General Syllabus

CSS 3304 General Syllabus

CSS 3311 General Syllabus

CSS 3312 General Syllabus