Lambda Pi Eta Letter

Lambda Pi Eta

National Communication Association Honor Society

Dear Student:

Lambda Pi Eta is the official communication studies honor society of the National Communication Association (NCA). As an accredited member of the Association of College Honor Societies, Lambda Pi Eta has over 250 active chapters at colleges and universities worldwide.

Lambda Pi Eta represents what Aristotle described in his book, Rhetoric, as the three proofs of persuasion: Logos (Lambda) meaning logic; Pathos (Pi) relating to emotion; and Ethos (Eta) defined as character credibility and ethics. The Baylor chapter of Lambda Pi Eta was officially chartered in July of 2000, and is open to all students in communication studies who are working on either a major or minor in the discipline in either speech communication or telecommunication.

The goals of Lambda Pi Eta are to:

  • Recognize, foster, and reward outstanding scholastic achievement
  • Stimulate interest in the field of communication
  • Promote and encourage professional development among communication majors
  • Provide an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas about the field of communication
  • Establish and maintain close relationships and understanding between faculty and students
  • To explore options for further graduate studies in communication.
  • If you are interested in joining our chapter, I encourage you to review the membership requirements listed on the membership application form. If you believe you meet these requirements, you must complete the following before your application for membership will become officially accepted:

    1. Complete the membership application form.

    2. Provide an unofficial student transcript proving you have completed the required semester hours needed for membership and have the required GPA for membership.

    3. Include a one-time only fee payment of $40 (to cover the costs of your membership materials--certificate, member pin, and graduation honor cords, and the initiation ceremony). Please make your check out to Dr. Mark Morman.

    Please return all three parts of your membership application to my mailbox or office, located in the Communication Studies Department. Thank you for your interest in Lambda Pi Eta.
    If you have additional questions, please contact me at your convenience. Once the deadline for membership application has past for the semester, I will be in contact with you concerning the initiation ceremony date and time.


    Dr. Mark T. Morman

    Lambda Pi Eta Chapter Advisor

    Lambda Phi Chapter, Baylor University