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Baylor @ NAB - Requirements & Costs

All rules, requirements and policies for Baylor University students will apply to every student in Las Vegas. Please refer to the Baylor Handbook for detailed descriptions.

You must be available from April 16 through April 23 (no exceptions).

There will be several meetings and training sessions prior to the week of the convention which you will be required to attend.

All students accepted will be required to register for 1 hour of internship credit. You will be charged. Students will register for the internship credit AFTER notification of acceptance of the SONY/NAB program. DO NOT register for the internship credit before you are accepted. A special section of internship credit will be opened AFTER participants have been announced.

If you are selected, you must register for the internship credit or you will not be allowed to attend.

Requirements for the Internship

You will receive a grade for the internship. Your grade will be based on meeting deadlines and conducting yourself in a professional manner. (Faculty reserve the right to add additional written assignments as circumstances warrant).

SONY will pay for the following expenses:

  • Airfare
  • Lodging (usually Bally's)
  • Transportation*
  • 3 meals a day**
  • Uniforms & laundry
  • NAB Exhibitor Pass

NAB/Baylor will pay for the following expenses:

  • Full NAB convention Pass
  • Students will receive a stipend which will cover airfare, hotel, and some meals and transportation. Travel arrangements and hotel reservations will be made by Baylor, however, it is the student's responsibility to manage the rest of the stipend.

All students should bring additional funds to cover unexpected expenses.

Students must pay for the internship credit.

*Several buses will ferry students to and from the hotel throughout the day. You will only be reimbursed for taxi fares to and from the conference.

**SONY will provide a breakfast buffet in the hotel. Lunch vouchers can be used at the convention center on break. Students may use the hotel restaurants for lunch and dinner with the understanding that bills should not exceed $15 per person.