Baylor in London - What to Take

Travel is most pleasant when you pack prudently. The best policy is to fit all your belongings into one or two bags that you check, and one that you carry on the plane. It might also be helpful to pack a small, nylon bag within your suitcase for our trips to Scotland and Dublin. It can also be used to pack souvenirs for the return trip to Dallas. Jewelry is not recommended. Good, comfortable walking shoes are often the most appropriate footwear. You will want to get a travel belt or holder for your valuables to avoid having to carry a purse or wallet. It should be large enough to contain your cash, credit cards, and passport.

Keep in mind the following luggage restrictions-and the fact that airlines are now stricter than ever before on the following issues. Also, these are general restrictions, and you should check with your airline to ensure the luggage you plan to take meets its requirements.

Checked luggage is generally limited to two bags (62 linear inches and 50 pounds each). Carry-on luggage is limited to one piece (45 linear inches and 40 pounds) but also allow: a purse, briefcase, laptop computer, or small book bag style backpack. Remember that certain items cannot be packed in carry-ons, including:

  • Knives of any length, including pocket knives;
  • Cutting instruments of every kind including carpet knives, box cutters, and other folding or retractable blades, regardless of length;
  • Items such as ice picks, straight razors, scissors and knitting needles;
  • Particular kinds of Liquids/Gels/Aerosols (consult with your airline).

Necessary items you will want to pack

  • Passport
  • Baylor Student ID
  • Course Readings
  • Alarm clock (not electric)
  • Travelers checks, credit cards, bank cards, a small amount of cash
  • Extra pair of glasses
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Two photocopies of airline tickets, itinerary, passport, driver license, pin numbers, social security number, and your credit cards. Leave a copy with a family member, and take one set with you. Make sure you copy the phone numbers of your banks in case you need to call them. Keep these copies separate from your credit cards and other documents.
  • Names/phone numbers/relationships of 2 emergency contact people.

Other items you may want to consider:

  • Power adapter/converter for 220 volts, round pin adapter
  • Phone Cards (make sure it can be used in an international country, also find out country codes before you depart)
  • Camera, with extra film and batteries
  • Take out property insurance on necessary equipment (cameras, binoculars, laptops, etc)
  • Bath robe and shower sandals for dorm living