Baylor in London - Summer School Cost

Program Cost:
$6,200 (Single Room at Wigram House)

  • Lodging at Wigram House for 28 days
  • Breakfast and Dinner (not dormitory food)
  • Health Insurance through HTH Worldwide for 30 days
  • 30 day 1st class Britrail Pass
  • Heritage Pass to many castles and museums throughout the UK
  • Airport transfer
  • Underground tube and bus travel in Central London (Zones 1-2)
  • Theater event (Last year the theater event was Wicked).
  • Dublin Weekend trip (double room)
  • Edinburgh Weekend trip (single room)
  • Tour of Stonehenge
  • London Eye

The price of the program does not include your tuition for courses, your airfare, or personal expenses such as shopping, lunch and snacks, or entrances to special events, etc. We have projected the cost of the program at a conservative exchange rate, so we do not anticipate an increase in the cost of the program. However, if the exchange rate should undergo radical change, the cost of the program may be subject to adjustment.

Student delegates are required to enroll for six hours of credit (exceptions granted depending on circumstances). Tuition will be charged in June by the Registrar's office, and must be paid in full prior to departing for London. Textbooks, and other required materials, should be purchased or obtained before you leave for London. These resources will not be available in London. Courses offered:

  • CSS (4304) Advanced Small Group Theory and Practice
  • CSS (4312) Systemic Inquiry
  • CSS (4V85) Special Problems in Communication (Readings Course)
  • CSS (5V35) Problems in Oral Communication (Readings Course)