CMS Environment

The CMS helps users easily convey their department's mission/purpose and specific messages, both conceptually and visually, which provides an excellent resource for their constituents.

To maintain secure data in the CMS, users must first login with their Bear ID and password. This authentication protects any unwanted intrusion from non-authorized users.

The first time a user logs into the CMS they will be asked to acknowledge a "User Agreement". This acknowlegement protects Baylor University’s right of ownership of the Web Content Management System software.

When working in the CMS, users are working with live content that is viewable in all outside browsers, so security is a high priority. Limiting user access and adjusting a page's status are the easiest way to maintain control over content.


For a general information about working in the CMS Environment, select from the links below.

User Roles
Departments can control the level of access a user has when working within the CMS. These levels are referred to as User Roles.

Page Areas
The page layout of webpages within the CMS are made up of three main areas. These areas consist of template areas, navigation areas, and content areas.

Admin Navigation
The area in the CMS Admin interface that displays tools used to manage workflow.