Baylor University

Earn Service Hours

Baylor student organizations participating in Move-In Day may earn service hours for their hard work!

Members may earn 2 hours of service credit for every 1 hour worked.

Your organization's service chair or Move-In Day representative will be responsible to track members' participation and hours on the day of the event and may submit the total number of hours completed online through the online roster.

To receive credit for the hours you and your volunteers work at Move-In Day, you simply have to submit them online! Here's what to do:

• Submit your Volunteer Registration with information that is as accurate as possible--especially regarding the number of volunteers you will have working at Move-In Day.

• Be sure that you are set up as a Service Chair (SC) on your organization's online roster. (For more information, use our Online Roster Instructions to learn how to Assign Roles in the system!)

• During the Move-In Day event, please count the number of volunteers you have working.

• After your Move-In Day experience, visit your organization's online roster to submit the TOTAL number of service hours. To calculate the total number of service hours, please multiply the number of hours your group volunteer by two. Then, multiply your hours served by the number of volunteers you had working. Number of hours X 2 = Total hours served. Total hours served X Number of volunteers = TOTAL SERVICE HOURS.

If you have any questions about receiving credit for your service hours, please contact Student Activities at 254-710-2371.