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ResTech Tutorials

Register Gaming Devices on Network - Click Here

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How to Find Mac Address

  • Go to My Xbox in the Xbox Dashboard and select System Settings.
  • Click Network Settings, Configure Network.
  • Select Advanced Settings from the Additional Settings tab
  • You should see Mac Address on the right
  • Register your MAC address HERE
  • How to Find Mac Address

  • Turn on Xbox One
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Select Network
  • Select Advanced Settings
  • You will then see "Wired Mac: XX-XX-XX-XX-XX"
  • Register your MAC address HERE
  • How to Find Mac Address

  • From the Playstation home menu, select�Settings�and navigate to System Settings
  • Select System Information and the MAC address will be displayed.
  • Register your MAC address HERE
  • How to Find Mac Address

  • Turn on your PS4 and wait for the�Dynamic menu�to show up
  • Press up on the on the D-Pad and scroll the right and select�Settings
  • Scroll down and select�System�in the�Settings�menu
  • Select the first option�System Information
  • Your MAC address should be displayed by�MAC Address(LAN Cable)
  • Register your MAC address HERE
  • Installing PawPrints - Click Here


    1. Visit PawPrints website HERE
    2. Select the correct installer for operating system
    3. Follow the instructions provided by PawPrints for installation
    4. Note: Sometimes the installer works better over Wifi instead of using a network cable

    Connect to Wired Network - Click Here


    1. Connect ethernet cable from your device into theYellow ethernet jack
    2. Go to www.baylor.eduYou should be redirected to the network registration page
    3. Follow the instructions to register
    4. Only Windows computers have to have an Anti-Virus software installed to be allowed on the network.

    Connect to WiFi Network (AirBear) - Click Here


    1. Find and select AirBearin the WiFi list
    2. Input your Bear ID and Password (First Name_Last Name)
    3. Select Accept if a message pops up

    Set Up Baylor Email on iPhone - Click Here


    1. Select settings
    2. Select Mail, Contact, Calendars
    3. Select Add Account
    4. Select Exchange
    5. Input your Baylor information (First Name_Last