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Earle Hall
Faculty In Residence

Dear Earle Hall Residents,

Welcome home! We are so excited that you are here. Whether you are a first year Baylor student or you are returning to campus this fall, we are excited that you've chosen to live with us. The staff of Earle Hall is committed to making your experience in Earle a formative and rewarding experience where you are both supported and challenged. Your Community Leaders, Faculty-in-Residence, and professional staff will be working together to foster a learning environment that integrates faith and scholarship.

We hope that in this community you will learn more about who God has gifted you to be, make meaningful and lasting friendships, and grow through your interactions with your fellow residents, Community Leader, our Faculty-in-Residence and professional staff. As a resident of Earle Hall, we hope that you truly feel at home and supported. We look forward to seeing you on campus!

-Your Earle Hall Staff