Meet Our Residence Hall Director Staff!

Sakina Trevathan

Residence Hall Director
Kokernot Hall


London, England

About Me

Sakina immigrated to Orlando, Florida in 2004. She received a bachelor's of science in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences at the University of Florida, and obtained a master's of arts in College Student Personnel at Bowling Green State University. Sakina is passionate about empowering others and helping them achieve their ambitions for the glory of God. She is committed to being an active citizen, and enjoys volunteering with non-profits. In her spare time, Sakina likes to bake, scrapbook, travel, read, and spend time with her husband, Devin, and her son, Devin Jr.

Why do you choose to work at Baylor?

Baylor's commitment to academic excellence and Christianity really drew me in. After attending two state institutions, I wanted to be in an environment where I could talk openly about my faith and share it with others. Looking at other Christian institutions of higher education, Baylor one of few institutions that believe that being a top research institution and remaining a truly Christian university is achievable, and that one does not have to supersede the other.

What is it about being a Hall Director that you enjoy most?

As a Hall Director, I love the numerous informal interacts I have with my students. Whether they see my apartment door open and say hi, or whether we have a quick conversation while they are heading to class, these opportunities to engage with students often tell me more about them than if we were to meet formally. This interaction helps me create relationships with my students, which allows them to become comfortable coming to me for the varying array of crises in their lives.

What is your vision for your community?

My vision for Kokernot is for my residents to be successful academically, be connected to the University, grow in their faith, and to leave at the end of the year saying "Living in Kokernot enhanced my first year experience at Baylor".