Meet Our Residence Hall Director Staff!

Matt Kwiatkowski

Residence Hall Director
Allen - Dawson Halls


M.S. Student Affairs in Higher Edu., Miami Univ. in Ohio
B.S. Secondary Education, Slippery Rock Univ.

Erie, Pennsylvania

What is the best part about your on-campus community?

The best part about Allen-Dawson is the tight knit community formed by being a smaller number of approximately 280 students. Allen-Dawson is home to the LEAD LLC, so students who are in the program are generally passionate about learning about leadership and service, doing leadership and service, peer mentorship, serving the Waco community, and making Allen-Dawson a better place to live. Weekly 242 (Acts 2:42 namesake) events add to communal life development and there is a high expectation that staff and student leaders are helping to build and shepherd the first-year class into future leaders for the community, Baylor, and beyond.

What does authentic Christian community mean to you?

Authentic Christian community to me means a place where there is freedom to ask honest questions about concepts in life that matter such as, "Who am I? What do I believe? What kind of people do I want to surround myself with?" It would be a place where social issues can be presented and critical thought through the lens our our common faith would be applied. It is a place where anyone can be who God created them to uniquely be and that they would be accepted with grace and humility by their peers, through the same grace which has been shown to us in the example of Jesus Christ. It is a place where students care deeply about one another and find a place to belong, regardless of where their current faith journey finds them. I find this in Allen-Dawson.

What is your favorite part about being an RHD, Resident Chaplain, or FIR?

My favorite part about being a hall director is watching transformation take place. College is meant to be a transformational time for everyone who takes advantage of it. This can mean developing maturity, coming to a better understanding of one’s identity, social development, faith development, leadership development, learning about a world bigger than ourselves, wrestling with pressing issues of our society, and on and on. I love watching students become better versions of themselves.