Residential Technology

Campus Living & Learning realizes technology plays a crucial role in residents' success at Baylor. The Residential Technology Support Center (RTSC) is a great resource for residents with technology questions. The ResTech staff is composed of Residential Technology Assistant (RTAs) who are Baylor students trained to assist residents with their technology needs.

On Campus Network

AirBear - WiFi
AirBear WPA2 is Baylor University's on-campus wireless network. All students and faculty can access this network with their Bear ID (First Name_Last Name) and password. All residence halls can access AirBear from anywhere in the building, including student rooms.

Set up computer - Click Here
Set up mobile device - Click Here
ResNet - Wired Ethernet
Anti-Virus Software Required: Yes (Windows Only)

All residence halls have ResNet ethernet wired network. Rooms include one ethernet jack per resident. To connect, plug the device into the yellow ethernet jack, navigate to and register the computer on the network. Students who have a Windows operating system must have a valid anti-virus software installed to register their device on the network.
Cable Television/DVR
The residence halls have basic cable available for residents in student rooms. Residents will need to provide their own coaxial cable and television. For a list of current channels provided on campus please click here.

Connecting Internet Devices

Supported Device List

Students are allowed to register up to 5 unique internet devices using the wired ResNet ethernet connection. Residents will need to find and register the MAC address of their internet device. Only streaming/gaming devices that can connect using an ethernet connection are allowed on Baylor network. These devices are not allowed on AirBear. Pease use the link above to register the device for accessing our Baylor ethernet network.
Note: You must be connected to Baylor's network to register an internet device.

Apple TV - 4th Generation (Newest)

The newest Apple TV 4th generation does not display the Mac/Ethernet address for you to regisister on Baylor's network unless you have completed the initial set up. Unfortunately, the only way to complete the initial set up is to connect to a network.

To register your Apple TV 4th generation on Baylor's network, follow one of the options below:

  • Visit ResTech during operating hours, and we will help you retrieve the Mac/Ethernet address.
  • Turn on and connect to a mobile hot spot on the Apple TV, then find and register the Mac/Ethernet address.
  • Connect to an alternate network other than Baylor, then find and register the Mac/Ethernet address.

Examples of Allowed Devices

  • Gaming Devices (Xbox, Playstation, Wii)
  • Internet Streaming Devices (Apple TV, Roku 1)
  • Smart Televisions
  • Smart DVD Players
Non-Supported Device List
The following list of devices are not supported, and are not allowed on the Baylor network.
  • Amazon Echo
  • Wireless Printers
  • Wireless/Wired Modems
  • DVR Television Boxes
  • Roku 2
  • Chromecast
  • Windows XP Operating System
  • Any device that cannot connect to an ethernet connection