Meet Our Residence Hall Director Staff!

Megan Lamb

Graduate Apprentice Residence Hall Director
Texana House


B.A. Religion & the Arts, Belmont University

Effingham, IL

About Me

Originally from Illinois, Megan has lived in Tennessee for the past five years and obtained her degree from the Honors Program at Belmont University in Religion and the Arts with a minor in German. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs at Baylor. In her spare time, Megan enjoys writing, baking, art, crafting, traveling, and reading.

Why do you choose to work at Baylor?

Baylor is committed to both academic excellence as well as to upholding a strong Christian identity. In many institutions, one pillar can impose on the other, but at Baylor, both are vital attributes to the community and its wholeness. I recall meeting a faculty member when I first interviewed who declared, “Our vision for this program is to create professionals who are a redemptive and creative influence on students, who contribute to student flourishing.” This ethos, along with Baylor’s reputation as a leading research institution, most definitely resonated with me and the type of career I hope to have!

What is it about being a Hall Director that you enjoy most?

The Hall Director position is such a relational position, and I love the opportunity to have a career in student development. It is remarkably rewarding to see students overcome obstacles, realize their strengths, and grow in their faith, relationships, and vocational goals. I enjoy being a facet of each student’s journey, and helping shape their college experience and holistic development. My undergrad supervisors and mentors poured such wisdom, time, and care into my life, and I look forward to stewarding on that same care and encouragement!

What is your vision for your community?

My vision for Texana House is that freshmen women will leave their first year with a strong sense of community, empowerment, and wholeness. We want our residents to engage their faith and academics in the context of a nurturing community, and from that develop ownership and joy in their identities and callings!