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Ideas for Faculty Partners

The residence halls are blessed with faculty who pursue and appreciate interaction with students in many different ways. Through the following examples, Faculty Partners support the guiding values of CL&L.

Academic Excellence

  • Engaging in academic conversations that focus on how students are doing in classes,what students' current and future academic needs are, students' learning styles, and/or what on-campus resources would be beneficial to the students
  • Offering academic advice and assistance (help sessions, tutoring, etc.)
  • Serving as a referral source
  • Sponsoring study breaks during exam periods (popcorn, cookies, doughnuts, etc.)
  • Attending campus lectures and educational programs with residents
  • Visiting local museums
Relationally Driven Environments
  • Arranging a regular arrival time and meeting place for eating meals with students
  • Being available for conversation in floor lounges at regular times (i.e. after dinner for 30-60 minutes once a week)
  • Welcoming students and their families during Move-In or the first week of classes
  • Hosting residents in your home for a meal
  • Inviting your family to campus to dine with residents
  • Sponsoring snack nights
  • Attending a community meeting
  • Attending intramural games
  • Sharing your interests and hobbies (folk dancing, cycling, golfing, fishing, horseback riding, skiing, baking, etc.)
  • Attending Baylor sporting events and games; attending a non-alcoholic tailgate party prior to a football game
  • Visiting with parents who attend Parents' Weekend or Homecoming
  • Attending traditional Baylor programs, such as Pigskin Review, Sing, and Stompfest
Dialogues of Difference
  • Participating in diversity discussions with residents in your community
  • Sampling international cuisines or dining together at BSM international meals
  • Discussing your travel abroad experiences
  • Introducing a game or hobby from a different country
  • Discussing national issues and current events; inviting students to watch political debates, elections, etc. with you
  • Attending cultural events on campus (student organization shows, plays, concerts, etc.)
Spiritual Formation
  • Discussing the idea of calling with your students and how you integrate your faith with your vocation
  • Planning a joint activity with your hall's Resident Chaplain
  • Discussing area churches, campus organizations, chapel topics, occupational ideas, etc.
  • Inviting students to visit your church
  • Encouraging students to participate in community service projects with you
  • Discussing current event topics from religious perspectives
  • Attending or leading a Bible study or forming a prayer group with students who are interested
  • Writing encouraging notes to the students during finals
  • Making yourself available to talk with students about their spiritual growth

One of the most important aspects of serving as a FP is communication with the residential staff in the partnering hall. We encourage regular meetings, meals, or emails to stay in touch with the Community Leaders and the life of the hall.