Professional Development

Professional Development for Campus Living & Learning staff is an important and vital aspect of each individual's progress in their position. Professional development is largely a self-initiated process, but completed initially between the employee and their supervisor in the beginning of one's employment, and then completely annually. Campus Living & Learning values ongoing professional development of our staff.

These opportunities include but are not limited to serving on work groups, participating in University committees and activities, instructing LDS 1101 Leadership Development for Community Leaders (pre-service CL class) and/or attending/presenting at local, regional or national conferences.

Each staff member spends time creating his/her professional development plan on an annual basis and reviews his/her related goals and objectives with his/her supervisor.

RHDs are provided a general guideline of $1250 per fiscal year for use of professional development funds; ARHDs receive $1000. Funds may be used for the following:

  • Professional Membership fees such as those for ACSD, NASPA, ACPA.
  • Books or journals relevant to area of interest/development (10% of budget maximum).
  • Professional Conferences registration, hotel, travel, food or other incidentals not covered in conference registration.

Tiffanie Spencer
"I choose to work at Baylor because I am continuously challenged professionally in working with other faculty and staff as part of my community's Living Learning Program, in serving and leading departmental committees, and numerous other ways. I choose to work at Baylor because I am encouraged not only to grow in serving students in Campus Learning & Living, but also in other areas of Student Life, like our New Student Programs Department. Finally, I choose to work at Baylor, because it is a blessing to serve alongside colleagues that are invested in the lives of one another, with the same amount of passion that we devote to investing in the lives of the students of our residence hall communities."

Tiffanie Spencer
Director of Kokernot