The Halls

Freshmen Housing

Freshmen residence halls include Penland and Martin Halls for men, and Collins and Russell Halls for women. For more information on First Year Experience residence halls, click here.

Upper-Class Housing
Upper-class residential communities include Allen, Alexander, Dawson, and Memorial Halls, Arbors and East Arbors Apartments, and the North Village and Brooks Flats Residential Communities. For more information on upper-class housing, click here.

Living-Learning Programs
Students who want a more integral living and learning experience may choose to apply for membership in our Living-Learning Programs.

AFROTC Living-Learning Center (AFROTC-LLC)

The AFROTC-LLC mission is to �Produce Leaders for the Air Force.� Participants must be pursuing a commission with the Air Force and meet all AFROTC retention standards. The AFROTC-LLC offers students the exciting opportunity to live with like-minded cadets, providing the environment for life-long friendships to form. As well, tutoring and mentoring is an integral part of the LLC as upper-class cadets will live among the newer cadets. Finally, students in the LLC will be able to participate in unique events that will help form the community. Incoming freshmen are highly encouraged to apply, as the AFROTC-LLC is a great way to start your cadet experience! The AFROTC-LLC is housed in Allen and Dawson Halls (men in Allen, women in Dawson) on the south side of campus

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Brooks Residential College

Samuel Palmer Brooks is the namesake of Brooks College and Brooks Flats. Brooks was the seventh president of Baylor University, serving from 1902 until his death in 1931. President Brooks had a tremendous impact on Baylor University. In 1907, S.P. Brooks Hall on Fifth Street opened and fifteen years later the female dormitory was renamed the Burleson Annex, only to be later renamed Harrington Hall. The name change was due to the new men's dormitory being named after S.P. Brooks in 1923. S.P. Brooks Hall on Dutton Avenue bore that name and purpose until it was razed eighty-five years later in 2006.

Replacing the old S.P. Brooks Hall, Brooks Residential College houses a wide variety of students who have committed to living in the interactive community for a minimum of two years. Residents share a private and formal Sunday dinner together weekly with their Faculty Master and guests.

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Engineering-Computer Science Living-Learning Center (ECS-LLC)

The North Village ECS-LLC seeks to enrich the lives of Engineering & Computer Science students by providing an atmosphere that fosters serious intellectual pursuits and social interaction both in the classroom and living room, as well as encourage close interaction with classmates and professors.

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Entrepreneurship Living-Learning Center (ENT-LLC)

The Entrepreneurship Living-Learning Center (ENT-LLC) is an exciting opportunity created to provide housing and academic support for entrepreneurially-minded students from all fields of study. All majors are invited and encouraged to become a part of this program.

This is the first housing option specifically dedicated to those students with a common interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, including space and tools needed for developing student-led businesses. The ENT-LLC seeks to assist students to more fully develop their entrepreneurial capabilities by offering mentoring between upperclassmen and freshmen, accessibility of faculty, discussion groups, lab support and opportunities to work with practicing entrepreneurs and other leaders.

The goal of the ENT-LLC is not to teach entrepreneurship, but to allow students to imagine and embrace their individual abilities and inspire each other to develop and enhance their own core skills, emerging from Baylor and the ENT-LLC with the confidence and focus necessary to implement their own entrepreneurial life-plan.

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Fine Arts Living-Learning Center

The Fine Arts Living-Learning Center (FA-LLC) is a community of artists that supports interdisciplinary collaboration in artistic projects. As a cooperation with the Departments of Art, Theatre Arts, the Division of Film and Digital Media in the Department of Communication Studies, and the School of Music, the FA-LLC is a great way to engage in meaningful exchanges and activities with faculty and guest artists from a variety of artistic disciplines outside the classroom. While collaborative artistic projects are integral within each of these academic units, students in the FA-LLC will interact with peers and faculty across multiple artistic disciplines.

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Global Community Living-Learning Center (GC-LLC)

GC logo Seeking and believing in the value of each individual and culture, the Global Community Living-Learning Center (GC-LLC) encourages friendship, appreciation and deeper understanding among cultures and people. In the GC-LLC, students immerse themselves in a cosmopolitan experience that concretely and innovatively connects them with the international people, interests, and curriculum of Baylor University. Students from a variety of academic majors and classifications engage in mentoring and service-learning activities. Native speakers and language learners reflect on cultural, political, social, and spiritual concerns together. What better way to prepare for worldwide leadership and service than by integrating international thinking and acting into daily life?

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Honors Residential College (HRC)

Housed in historic Alexander and Memorial Residence Halls, right in the heart of campus, the Honors Residential College (HRC) offers its members a truly unique residential experience.

The Residential College is open to all students enrolled in an Honors College academic program. Admission is by special application only and is competitive.

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Leadership Living-Learning Center (LEAD-LLC)

Housed in Allen and Dawson Halls, the Leadership Living-Learning Center's mission is to develop leaders of influence through exploring leadership theory, engaging in civic activities, discovering personal strengths and calling, and gaining leadership experience in the context of Christian community.

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Outdoor Adventure Living-Learning Center (OA-LLC)

As part of the Outdoor Adventure Living-Learning Center (OA-LLC), students will take one class together per semester, participate in additional learning seminars in the evenings, participate in co-curricular trips and clinics, and have the opportunity for planned social events. All residents will be living in the beautiful North Village on-campus housing.

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