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Room Door Card Lock FAQs

  1. What are card locks?

  2. Since 2005, Campus Living & Learning has transitioned from hard key locks to electronic card locks on most residential room doors with the exception of East Arbors, Fairmont and Gables Apartments. These card locks allow students to gain access to their residential room via their Baylor ID card and a self-selected PIN instead of the traditional hard key. These locks are similar to what you may have experienced at a hotel.

  3. What are the advantages of card locks?

  4. Card locks allow access to resident rooms to be restricted. And if a resident loses their Baylor ID, access can be restricted to the new card only. Additionally, since residents should always have their ID card with them already, it is an added convenience to not have to keep up with and carry a hard key.

  5. What if I do not have an ID card prior to moving in?

  6. It is necessary for residents to have obtained their Baylor ID card prior to moving into their residence hall. If you have questions regarding obtaining a Baylor ID card, please contact the ID Office.

  7. What is a PIN and do I need one for my Baylor ID card?

  8. PIN stands for Personal Identification Number and is a four-digit numeric code, the same concept as used with a debit card, which provides an added layer of security. When you attempt to enter your residential room, you will need your ID card and your PIN to gain entry so it is important that you keep this number safe. DO NOT SHARE YOUR PIN!!!

  9. How do I set my PIN?

  10. Once you have activated your Bear ID (different than your Baylor ID), go to From there you can set your PIN, even prior to moving into on-campus housing. And if you ever forget your PIN, you can reset it online and then go to your residential area front desk and have your ID card reprogrammed with your new PIN.

  11. What if I leave my ID card in my room?

  12. If you accidentally leave your ID card in your room, go to the front desk of your residential area where someone can assist you in gaining access to your room. We have procedures in place to assist you should this happen!

  13. What if I lose my card or it is damaged?

  14. If you lose your card or it is damaged you will need to obtain a replacement card at the ID Office located in Robinson Tower.

  15. Does anything have to be done to my card before I can get in my room?

  16. Yes! When you first move in, go to the front desk for any paperwork that you need to fill out. Once completed, staff will program your card. You will then have access to your room using your ID card and PIN.