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Telephone Services FAQs

  1. What telephone services are offered?

  2. Roommates share one phone line and phone number. Long-distance calls may be placed by using the long-distance service of your choice via calling card. Telephone instruments and voicemail services are not provided, and you will need to provide these if desired.

  3. How do I dial local phone numbers?

  4. For residence hall to residence hall phone calls, simply dial the last four digits of the phone number.

    For local calls to other campus buildings or Waco, you need to dial 9 first. For example, to call a professor, you would dial 9 + 710-XXXX.

  5. How do I make long distance calls?

  6. You will need a calling card or credit card to make long distance calls. You would dial 9 to obtain an outside line, and then follow the directions on your calling card or credit card to place the call.

  7. I don't know my phone number in my room. How can I find it?

  8. Upon receiving your housing assignment, you should have received your room phone number. You may also call the Baylor operator at 710-1011, and ask for your phone number.