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Personal Computer FAQs

  1. What type of computer should I buy and what are the minimum requirements to connect to the residential network?

  2. PC and Apple computers are supported on the Residential Network. Computers purchased within the last 2 years should have no issue connecting to the Residential Network. Recommended system minimums can be found here.

  3. Should I bring a laptop or a desktop computer?

  4. It depends on how you plan to use your computer. Laptops have the advantage of being portable, and if they have a wireless card, you can connect to the internet almost anywhere on campus with AirBear, Baylor's wireless network. Please note, however, that wireless is not available in residence hall rooms, nor are wireless routers allowed.

  5. Should I purchase anti-virus software?

  6. No! Residential Technology Services provides each resident with anti-virus software free of charge. All on-campus residents are required to install and run Symantec Endpoint Protection when first connecting to the residential network.

  7. Are there any items not allowed for my computer?

  8. Due to network interference, wired or wireless routers (including Apple Airports) are not allowed in the residence halls.

  9. What is an ethernet card and why do I need one in my computer?

  10. An Ethernet card, also called a network card, is a device that allows you to connect to a local area network, like the residential network. Most new computers will already have this piece of hardware installed.

  11. Should I upgrade my computer to the latest version of Windows or Mac OS?

  12. Since Residential Technology Services supports nearly every Windows and Macintosh operating system, there is no need to upgrade in order to connect to the residential network. If you desire to, the Baylor Bookstore sells Windows 7 at a discounted rate for students.

  13. What if my computer does not meet the minimum requirements?

  14. If you do choose to bring a computer that does not meet the minimum requirements, we can attempt to connect your computer to the network, but we cannot guarantee that connection will be possible.

  15. Can I use Linux or Unix as my operating system?

  16. You may use whatever operating system you like on your personal computer. However, there are some qualifications:

    • Residential Technology Advisors are not trained to configure anything other than Windows and Apple operating systems. If you are running any other operating system, you will need to set up and maintain it yourself.

    • If your presence on the network conflicts with network traffic, we will ask you to reconfigure your settings, switch to a Windows or Apple operating system, or leave the residential network.