• Are you using an Ethernet cable (different than a telephone cable)?
  • Is your Ethernet cable plugged into the YELLOW jack on the wall and into the network port on your computer?
  • For those running Windows, have you run the configuration utility available at yet?
  • You must log on to the network every day. Please set your homepage in your internet browser to as this will save you time and help you know if you have logged in.
  • Apartment residents should contact their service provider, Accelerate, directly if experiencing internet connection issues.
  • Find information related to Spyware and Viruses here.
  • AirBear, Baylor's wireless network, is provided in residential common areas but not in resident rooms. AirBear is managed by ITS. Information on how to connect to AirBear can be found here.
ITS Self-Service Help
  • Information Technology Services (ITS) provides an online list of solutions for users. Please note that if you believe the problem is specific to the Residential Network, contact the Residential Technology Support Center. If your technical problem is of a general nature, you can access the Self-Service Solutions center for ideas.
Room Door Card Locks
  • If the door flashes red immediately after inserting your ID card, likely your card either needs to be programmed (at the front desk) or your card needs to be replaced (at the ID Office).
  • If the door flashes red after entering your ID card and 4 digit PIN, the issue is likely you are either using the wrong PIN or the door did not register each button you pushed. Please contact your CL or the front desk for assistance.
  • If AFTER entering your ID card and 4 digit PIN the lock flashes yellow 3-7 times before unlocking, your battery is getting low. Please report this to the front desk. Failure to do so could result in you being locked out of your room (please contact the front desk or the CL on duty if this occurs).
  • If the light flashes green and red quickly after entering your ID card and 4 digit PIN and the door remains locked, the battery is too low to unlock the door. Please contact the front desk or CL on duty.
Cable TV
  • If you are not receiving all channels, check to be sure that your television's input is set to cable and not to antenna. Often, you can locate this setting through your television's on-screen menu.
  • If you are not receiving all channels, run the auto channel scan, which is usually available using the television's on-screen menu. This feature allows the television to "memorize" all available channels. This option is often called auto-program, auto-scan, channel scan, or some variation thereof.
  • Channel listings can be found by visiting Grande.
  • Is your telephone plugged into the GREEN jack on the wall? If so, check the other jacks in the room (there is one jack per bed; in a three person room, there will be three jacks) to be sure that computers are not accidentally plugged into the green jacks. Just one computer plugged into the green jack will deactivate the telephone lines for the entire room.
  • Is your cordless telephone fully charged? Most cordless phones need to be plugged in for 12-24 hours before they will function.
  • Is your telephone's ringer turned on?
  • Remember 2.4 GHz telephones are not allowed in the residence halls.
  • Residents of Brooks College and Brooks Flats must request a telephone line activation if they plan to use their room phone lines.
  • Telephone services are not provided for Apartment Complexes managed by Campus Living & Learning.