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Baylor Names New Faculty-In-Residence for Engineering and Computer Science Living-Learning Center, Faculty Master for Honors Residential College
Baylor University has announced the appointments of two faculty members, who will reside on the campus as faculty-in-residence beginning in fall 2011. Dr. Ian Gravagne, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Baylor, has been appointed as the new faculty-in-residence for the Engineering and Computer Science Living-Learning Center. Dr. Todd Buras, associate professor of philosophy and department director of undergraduate studies, has been appointed as the new Faculty Master for the Honors Residential College.

Living. Learning.
Students rarely compartmentalize their lives. Studying is not relegated to the library, academic conversations are held in the dining halls as well as the classroom, and faculty members want to be involved in multiple arenas of students' lives. It is this vision of an academically integrated lifestyle that drives CL&L to offer numerous avenues for students to combine their academic pursuits with their residential experience.

Growing Pains: Addressing the Roommate Issue
When students are sharing close living quarters--many for the first time--issues between roommates are bound to crop up eventually. But the experienced staff of Baylor's Campus Living and Learning programs have found that indulging the first urge to fly the coop and move rooms, though necessary occasionally, isn't always the best option.

Animal-friendly ELG welcomes freshmen
Animals and Human Society is Baylor's newest ELG and will be taught by four diverse faculty members.

Learning Through Service
(Hispanic Families ELG)
Baylor students have traded the R&R of a normal college student's spring break for a week of hard work, helping some folks who aren't used to getting much help.

Education Unlocked
ELGs integrate some of the most attractive aspects of the typical Baylor experience into a unified endeavor.

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