Summer Housing

Who is Eligible for Signing Up?

Incoming students:

Current Baylor students:

Who we consider Incoming Students:
All new, incoming students who will enter Baylor for the first time this Summer 2014 are considered new, incoming students, regardless of any AP or transfer credits already taken. The Baylor Office of Admissions classifies students as incoming, first-year students. Sign Up

Advanced Studies: An Advanced Studies applicant is a superior high school student applying as a pre-college student who meets the requirements outlined for admission at this link, and can also Sign Up

Who we consider Current Students:
Any student or transfer student, freshman to senior, who is currently enrolled full-time at Baylor is a current Baylor student as classified by the Baylor Office of Admissions. Sign Up

Summer Housing FAQs

  • How much will on-campus housing cost for the summer?
    • $850 per individual session
    • $1,700 for both Summer Session 1 and Summer Session 2
    • $400 for May Minimester session (returning residents only)
  • Can I stay even if I am not enrolled for the summer session?
    • Students must be enrolled for the duration of the summer session for which they are living on campus.
  • Can I stay in the same housing that I live in now?
    • For current residents of University Parks, every effort will be made to keep you in your current Spring 2014 assignment based on summer availability.
  • Can I request a roommate for the summer?
    • We will be happy to accommodate mutual roommate requests. You may list roommate preferences on the summer housing application, or call Campus Living & Learning at (254) 710-3642 to make a roommate request. Requests must be received by April 20th to be considered.
  • Can I have a single room?
    • Upper division students living in University Parks will receive a single bedroom. A limited number of single rooms are available in Kokernot Residence Hall and are assigned based on a documented need through the Office of Access and Learning Accommodation.
  • What if I need to arrive early?
    • Summer Session students may not arrive early due to the preparations necessary for the start of the Summer Session.
  • How are assignments made?
    • Assignments are made on a first come, first served basis. We are happy to accept and work on fulfilling mutual roommate requests.
  • What if I’m an athlete?
    • Please speak with your coach or the Baylor Athletics Department concerning your post-season expectations and/or summer living arrangements.
  • What if you would like to request an exemption to the requirements?
  • I already have a fall housing application. Do I need a summer housing application also?
    • Yes. The summer application process is separate from traditional, incoming fall application. You will need to complete a separate application for the summer.
  • At the end of Summer 2, do I have to take everything home or can I put it in my fall housing assignment?
    • Baylor students living on-campus* with a permanent address at least 200 miles from campus may request Interim Housing for the short period between Summer Session II and the upcoming Fall 2014 semester. A rate of $25 per night will be charged to the student's account for those approved to use this service. All Interim Housing assignments are based on the availability of your assignment and cannot be guaranteed.
      • *An eligible student for Interim Housing is defined as a Baylor University student with an active housing assignment for both Summer Session 2 and upcoming Fall 2014 semester.
  • When will I find out my summer housing assignment?
    • Summer assignments will be communicated via email to your Baylor account the first week of May. Assignments for applicants received after May 1 will be sent out on a regular basis.
  • When will the summer housing application be available and where can I find it on the website?
    • The Summer Housing application is available now. Click the Summer Housing App link at the top of the page to apply.
  • Do I need a Baylor ID card?
    • All new, incoming students must have a Baylor ID Card to complete check-in. ID cards can be obtained through the Baylor Cashier's Office.


Returning Students Only

  • Can I stay in my same room?
    • Summer housing is offered in the University Parks Apartments. If you live in this area and want to stay in your same room for the first Summer Session, you must complete the summer housing application by April 20, 2014. In addition, please email
  • Can I have a single room?
    • All assignments in University Parks are single bedrooms.
  • Can I list apartment/room preferences?
    • All space in University Parks are single rooms with kitchens. All Kokernot Hall rooms are double occupancy, community bath style. Therefore, there is no need to list room preferences. However, you may list roommate requests.
  • Do I have to move out of my current assignment at the end of the spring semester, and then move in to my summer assignment later?
    • Current Spring 2014 University Parks residents who are enrolled in a May Minimester class will move to their May Minimester and/or Summer Session 1 assignment beginning Sunday, May 18th at 1:00 p.m. You must be prepared to move this day.
    • For all others, guest housing for summer conferences and preparations for the start of the Summer Session prohibit you from remaining in your Spring 2014 assignment. All residents must be completely moved out between semesters.
  • I am taking both the May Minimester and Summer Session I. Will I be able to keep the same room for both?
    • Current, Spring 2014 University Parks residents who complete a Summer Housing application by April 20th may be able to remain in their current assignment for the May Minimester/Summer Session 1. Assignments will be based on the apartment availability or summer maintenance plans, and cannot be guaranteed.
  • I am taking a Summer Session I class, but it is not expected to go the full six weeks (it will be around three or four weeks). Since I will be finishing up early and leaving early, will the housing charge be pro-rated?
    • Since the Summer Housing charge is a flat rate fee, it cannot be refunded past the fourth class day of each session.
  • Do I register for the May Minimester with the summer classes, or is it a separate registration?
    • See the Registrar's website for more information regarding Summer Session class registration.
  • Does Baylor have a summer meal plan, or will students have to make their own arrangements for food?
    • Students registered for classes may purchase a Summer Session meal plan through the Student Financial Services office. Costs can be found on the Registrar's website.
  • Where do I go to check in?
    • To check in, please go to your assigned living area.
      • For May Minimester, students check in on Sunday, May 18th, beginning at 1:00 p.m.
      • For Summer Session 1, students check in on Sunday, June 1st beginning at 1:00 p.m.
      • For Summer Session 2, students check in on Tuesday July 8th, beginning at 1:00 p.m.

Important Housing Eligibility Information

A Texas State law states that all new students under the age of 22 must show proof of meningococcal vaccination within the last five years and at least ten days prior to the first day of class. Students may not register for classes, move into the residence halls or attend class without providing proof of the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination or an appropriate exemption form to the Health Services Office.

More information can be found at the Health Services website. All questions regarding this requirement should be directed to the Health Services Office at (254) 710-1010.