Living Options

Living on campus is far from a one-size-fits-all proposition. Whether you're a first-year, transfer, or continuing upper-division student, you'll find a home among the rich diversity of living environments Baylor offers.

What kind of residential community will best meet your needs and preferences? Take a quick look at the three basic on-campus housing options at Baylor: Traditional Halls, Living-Learning Programs, and Upper-division Apartments.

Traditional Halls (the BIG 5)
Students living in a traditional hall are provided with many opportunities to build a strong sense of community through various room options (double or triple) and shared spaces (study lounges, lobbies, and common hallways). Some traditional living areas also include a residential restaurant on site. Every year, a handful of current students choose to stay in traditional halls, provided space is available.

Living-Learning Programs (LLPs)
LLPs are communities where students live together and participate in academic and/or co-curricular programming designed especially for them. Students share common academic courses or activities and have access to on-site services including faculty offices, classrooms and enhanced programming. Generally, LLPs are open to students from all classifications (freshmen to seniors) and all majors. A few programs have restrictions. Look for the eligibility information on each LLP page.

Upper-division Apartments
For current upper-division and transfer students who desire apartment-style living arrangements, Baylor features several choices spread across campus.

How do we define a student's status for housing options?

Status Description
Freshman You will be coming to Baylor after high school without having attended another university full time. Even if you have credit from AP and/or college courses taken while still in high school, this is for you! Female
Transfer You have attended another institution full time for at least one semester. If you are uncertain if you are a Transfer, please contact Admissions for clarification. Female
Returner You currently live on campus at Baylor or you have in previous semesters. Female
Other You are a non-degree seeking student, such as an exchange student or part of the US-Sino Pathway Program (USPP). Email us or call us at 254.710.3642. Varies