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Fairmont Building Details

The Fairmont Apartments houses upper-division students. Community Leaders are upperclassmen that live among the students to help them build and maintain meaningful relationships within their communities, connect them to campus involvement opportunities, and lead them in a way that is mindful of Baylor�s mission and values. A Resident Chaplain, a current Truett Seminary student, also serves at the complex. The Resident Chaplain can be a resource and support for students as they explore God's call upon their lives. Office assistants provide informational services to the residents at the hall office and maintenance personnel handle building repairs. Baylor DPS patrol the complex to ensure safety for the residents.


  • There is one bathroom in the one-bedroom apartments, and two bathrooms in the two-bedroom apartments.


  • There is a closet in each room (small walk-in closet for 2 bedroom apartments), with a clothes rod and a shelf above the clothes rod.


  • Residents who wish to bring personal computers have access to wireless internet provided through an external provider for each apartment. For more information, please visit

Dining Options

  • The apartments include a full kitchen area, with a freestanding oven with microwave vent-a-hood, refrigerator, dishwasher, and sink garbage disposal. Residents need to furnish their own dishes and kitchen utensils.
  • All incoming freshmen are required to purchase a minimum 11-meal plan.
  • Meal Plan Options
  • Residential Dining Locations
  • Retail Dining


  • All floors are covered with carpet, except for the bathroom, kitchen, and entry way, which have neutral-colored vinyl flooring.


  • Each bedroom is furnished with a bed and dresser for each resident. All furniture is movable, but must remain in the room and not be dismantled, stacked, or raised off the floor. Desks are provided.
  • All beds are junior loft (easy-connect) beds with springs that are adjustable into the headboard and footboard for 11 variable heights ranging from residential to junior loft height. Upon move-out, the beds must be returned to their original residential height.
  • All beds are extra long twins.
  • Apartments have either a triple dresser, double dresser, or 2 four-drawer chest of drawers per room.
  • Living rooms have a sofa and end table with table lamp.
  • Dining rooms are furnished with a table and four chairs.

Laundry Facilities

  • Each apartment is equipped with a washer and dryer. In the two-bedroom apartments, the washer and dryer is located in the bathroom in the downstairs bedroom.


  • Visitation hours at the Fairmont Apartments are from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. Sunday through Saturday.
  • For all apartment policies, please visit our website at

Telephone Services

  • Each apartment is equipped with a phone line, but each resident is responsible for all charges associated with phone service. If you require phone service, please contact a phone provider to establish a service contract. CL&L does not provide hardware or phone service.


  • Students may bring their own television. (TV's may not be hung from walls.)
  • All apartments are cable-ready and offer basic cable for residents.
  • Residents interested in additional cable channels may purchase them from Front Desk Networks. To view options:
    • Go to
    • Click on "Digital TV"
    • Select "Texas" - "Waco" - Apartment Area and click "Go"
    • Please note, residents are responsible for any additional cable charges beyond the basic channel lineup provided by Campus Living & Learning.


  • Residents may not paint the walls.
  • Posters and pictures may be attached to the walls with white sticky-tack. Colored sticky-tack, nails, screws, and foam tapes are not allowed. Use of these items will result in fines at the end of the school year.


  • Curtains are best hung on tension rods inside the windows.
  • Mini-blinds are on all windows and must remain in place (but may be pulled to the top of the window if you prefer).