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North Village Information

Specific Room Information

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Heritage North:

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Single Room/Suite with Shared Bath
Total Units: 24
Single Room/Suite or
Double Room/Suite with Shared Bath

Total Units: 26
Apartment Double Gold
Total Units: 26
Double Room/Suite with Shared Bath
Total Units: 4
Double Room/Suite with Shared Bath
Total Units: 7
Apartment Single Gold or
Apartemnt Double Gold

Total Units: 6
Single Room/Suite or
Double Room/Suite with Shared Bath

Total Units: 2
Apartment Single Gold or
Apartment Double Gold

Total Units: 16
Apartment Single Gold
Total Units: 14
Single Room/Suite with Private Bath
Total Units: 4
Lone Star

The North Village Residential Community joined the rich heritage of Baylor University when the doors open for students, faculty and staff in Fall, 2004.

University House
University House orients the Baylor community to the layout of the three North Village residential buildings, as it is closest to University Parks Drive. University House is home to 175 residents, including the North Village Resident Chaplain, a faculty member in residence, and Graduate Residence Hall Director.

Texana House
The words "Pro Texana" or "For Texas" are inscribed on the Baylor University seal which was adopted by the The University's trustees in 1851. "Pro Texana" represents Baylor's commitment to society. Texana House is home to 169 residents, including a faculty member in residence and Graduate Apprentice Residence Hall Director.

Heritage House
The specific location of the Heritage House strives to continue the work of Christian spiritual formation and community building that took place from 1924 to 2003 when the land was occupied by Second Baptist Missionary Church. Heritage House is home to 254 residents including the North Village's Resident Director. It also houses students participating in the Fine Arts Living-Learning Center.


  • Free Cable TV
  • Central heat & air
  • High-speed ethernet data port for each occupant
  • Extra-long twin beds
  • Mini-blinds on all windows
  • Movable furniture
  • One active phone line per room
  • Free laundry facilities on-site for residents only
  • Bathrooms are located in each suite


  • Residents may also bring personal computers. Each resident is provided with one high-speed Ethernet data port to connect personal computers to the residential network. For more information on residential technology offerings, please visit
  • AirBear is available only in lobby areas and study rooms.

Dining Options


  • There is elevator access to each floor.


  • All room floors are carpeted.
  • Bathrooms & kitchens are tiled
  • Vacuum cleaners may be checked out from the hall office.


  • All beds in the North Village are extra-long twin size, fitting extra-long twin size sheets.
  • The furniture is movable. Furniture must remain in the room and may not be dismantled, stacked, or raised off the floor.
  • The bed height from the floor allows ample space for under-the-bed storage.
  • There is one closet per bedroom, equipped with hanging rods and storage shelves.

Kitchen Facilities

  • Full kitchen facilities are located on the fourth floor of each building with a stove a full size refrigerator and microwave.
  • Microwaves are not allowed in student rooms unless it is a microfridge unit. Additionally, a community kitchen is available on the 4th floor of each house.
  • Residents are encouraged to bring their own pots and pans, but there are a few available for check out.
  • Each room is allowed one small refrigerator, which must be 1.5 amps or less, no more than 36 inches tall, and grounded. You may bring your own, or rent one. Please do not place on Baylor furniture.
  • Campus Living & Learning has partnered with Collegiate Concepts, Inc. to provide on-campus residents the option to rent or purchase a MicrofridgeTM. Microfridges are all-in-one units that have a refrigerator, freezer and microwave.
  • For pricing, or to rent or purchase, please visit Collegiate Concepts' website at and select Baylor University under Select Your University.

Laundry Facilities

  • Laundry facilities are within each building and are free to North Village Residents only.
  • Find out more about the laundry machines here.


  • Residents may use a power strip with an internal fuse to maximize their outlets.
  • Extension cords and multi-plug adapters are not permitted.

Study Rooms

  • Study rooms are located in the middle of each floor hallway and space for group study is in the lobby.
  • In addition to in-community study rooms, North Village is located very close to Moody Library, which provides excellent study areas.

Telephone Services

  • One telephone line per room is provided.
  • Telephone instruments are not provided.
  • To call long distance students should purchase a calling card.
  • Your telephone number will be included with your room assignment information.


  • Residents may bring their own televisions. Cable TV is provided (one cable outlet per room).
  • Televisions may not be hung from the walls.


  • Curtains are best hung on tension rods inside the windows or on small rods held by �s� hooks that fit into the wall crevice above the window.
  • Mini-blinds are on all windows and must remain in place.