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Temporary Room Placement

Baylor University anticipates a need to operate under our "expanded occupancy" plan in our existing residential facilities for the fall. This plan, patterned after programs at other campuses, involves accommodating as many students as possible based on occupancy needs.

Expanded occupancy living spaces are in residential facilities and include assignments in a lounge which has been converted into fully-furnished student living space. Students are generally housed in these accommodations for one semester, or shorter, if space is available. "Temporary housing" living spaces are standard, double rooms that are typically provided to a Community Leader (see CL profile) as a single. Placement into a temporary housing assignment generally means that reassignment into a permanent space within your residence hall is likely, depending on availability. Both expanded occupancy and temporary housing spaces are billed at the community bath rate.

During previous years, as many as 100 students have been accommodated in these ways. Typically, students assigned to expanded occupancy and temporary housing spaces in the past have been reassigned to permanent spaces by the end of the fall semester. Any student assigned to an expanded occupancy or temporary housing assignment will receive additional information when they receive their housing assignment.

Expanded Occupancy & Temporary Housing Questions

What is expanded occupancy & temporary housing?
Expanded occupancy & temporary housing at Baylor University is the process in which incoming students are assigned to rooms typically not utilized for student housing. Examples of expanded occupancy and temporary housing include living in a room that is normally reserved for a Community Leader (CL) alone or converted study lounge that is securable and fully furnished.

Why was I assigned to expanded occupancy & temporary housing?
In years when Baylor experiences a large incoming freshmen class and the demand from upper-division students for on-campus housing stretches the available inventory utilized by Campus Living & Learning, some students are left without a permanent assignment as fall opening approaches. In these instances, Campus Living & Learning must utilize the Expanded Occupancy and Temporary Assignment plan to accommodate all students interested in living on campus.

How long will I be in expanded occupancy & temporary housing?
While there is no way to guarantee an exact assignment change date, our goal is that most, if not all students have a permanent assignment before the end of the fall semester. As students cancel their attendance throughout the first week of classes, students are moved to a permanent space.

Will there be furniture in rooms used for expanded occupancy & temporary housing?
Yes! Every expanded occupancy and temporary housing assignment is fully furnished with a bed (with mattress), desk, desk chair, and closet or armoire.

Will I be able to access the Bearweb/Internet in my expanded occupancy & temporary housing?
Yes. Every expanded occupancy and temporary housing assignment will be equipped with Internet, cable TV, and phone access. Residential Technology staff will be available on Move-In Day to assist you in connecting to the network.

What about bathrooms?
Students living in expanded occupancy and temporary housing assignments will either have a bathroom within the living space or in close proximity to a community bath.

What if nothing more becomes available?
In the event that a permanent space is not available by Move-In Day, those assigned to expanded occupancy and temporary housing spaces will remain in their assignment until a permanent space becomes available. Cancellations still occur after move-in and even after classes begin throughout the fall semester. Other spaces open at the semester break. These permanent spaces are made available to students living in expanded occupancy and temporary housing.

If I move, will I have to move to a different floor/hall/community?
After move-in, the residence hall staff will work closely with each student in expanded occupancy and temporary housing to place him or her in a community of their choosing, based on space availability with consideration to the greater community's needs.

What if I want to remain in my expanded occupancy & temporary housing assignment?
Expanded occupancy and temporary housing spaces are designed to provide a temporary outlet for overcapacity needs. We do not anticipate the need to use this space on a permanent, full academic year basis, although it may be necessary with larger incoming classes.

Should I order a "Microfridge" or carpet?
As a permanent assignment is not known at this time, we recommend that you do not purchase/lease a "Microfridge" or carpet. Representatives from "Microfridge" are available on campus during move-in and may have inventory available. Also, several local department stores (Target, Wal-mart, Bed, Bath & Beyond) are located close by as options to purchase an approved room refrigerator.

How can I expedite my transition from expanded occupancy & temporary housing to a permanent assignment?
Unfortunately, there is no way to improve your assignment position at this time.

What if I can't find the answer to my questions here?
Campus Living & Learning assignment staff are available to answer any questions that you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (254) 710-3642 or via email at