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Members of Brooks College

At Some Colleges, Professors Live in Dorms, Too


Baylor's Brooks College Honored With 2010 NASPA Excellence Award
Baylor University's Brooks Residential College has been recognized by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) as the nation's top honoree in the organization's annual Excellence Awards competition. The awards recognize the contributions of members who are transforming higher education through outstanding programs, innovative services and effective administration.

Student tells of lessons learned
The worst thing they could do was say no. Thus, Emanuel Gawrieh, a sophomore at the time, plunged into two lengthy internship applications, one to the Supreme Court and one to the White House.

Mind & Soul: How Baylor Fosters an Intellectual Community of Faith for Students
It's 10 p.m. on a Tuesday in November, and about seven Baylor University students are sitting quietly in the Robbins Chapel of Brooks Residential College. After a few minutes, a faculty member who lives in Brooks stands to lead the evening prayers. The worship service of prayers and psalms lasts only about ten minutes, but it's a welcome respite for those who gather. Held every weekday night at 10 and every weekday morning at 9, the short services are designed to create a spiritual rhythm to life and to offer an opportunity for quiet reflection and spiritual growth.

Faces of Baylor: Andrea Peña
As a Baylor student who grew up in Waco, sophomore Andrea Peña is part of two families: her natural one, and the Baylor family. They just happen to overlap.

Faces of Baylor: Rachel Wilkerson
Junior Rachel Wilkerson knew her family had Baylor ties, starting with her parents, Gordon, BBA '82, and Lori (Reid) Wilkerson, BBA '83, who led Welcome Week together in the early 1980s. But until she asked her mother and grandmother for a list of Baylor relations recently, she had no idea how deep those ties went.

Former Brooks College President Starts Youthfest
The Atlanta-fest Christian concert brings in thousands of people each year, but Bryan Watt says everyone can't make the trip up north. That's why event planners decided to hold a Christian concert in Southwest Georgia. "We really believe this is the start of something," said Youthfest coordinator Bryan Watt.

S.P. Brooks' Address to 1927 Waco Citizens' Banquet
Fairness to history will place on a pedestal of praise President Rufus C. Burleson and William Carey Crane. The men laid foundations upon which others have built. They worked for the most part as teachers and preachers for promises that were never filled. They endured the hardships of the Civil War and those of the Reconstruction period. They lived in the hearts of their students. Their faults are now forgotten; their virtues will never die.

Master Advocates New Residential Project at Baylor
In short, we must not let failure of nerve or confusion about our vision stand in the way of what will serve Baylor's students now and for generations to come. Imperative II calls for a third major residential project. It is past time to act so as to make it a reality before 2012 arrives.

Five Alive
Five students. One bicycle. No money.
And a plan to bike from Waco to Anchorage in three months. This is a story of true friendship, of determination, of doing whatever it takes to encourage a friend that life is worth living.

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