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Fenton, Lindsay

Graduate Tutor

Lindsay Fenton grew up in Fresno, California and graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in English and a minor in Middle Eastern and North African Studies. Before coming to Baylor, she taught English as a foreign language and middle-school language arts in the United Arab Emirates. She is now in her third year of Baylor’s PhD program in English. Within that program, she is pursuing the Religion and Literature concentration. Her research interests include the Victorian novel, literary responses to challenges to traditional Christian claims, and literary Realism and Naturalism. Lindsay is thankful for the Brooks community and its emphasis on the integration of spiritual, intellectual, and moral development. As Graduate Tutor, she strives to live out that integrity and encourages students to do the same. While she realizes that the relationship between this or that essay and the eternal truths of Jesus Christ are not always immediately apparent, she hopes that the academic skills students develop in the JCR will ultimately help them in their quest “to live meaningful lives by learning to know and love our Creator, ourselves, and our community"(Brooks Community Covenant).

Lindsay offers tutoring and writing reviews in the Junior Common Room of Brooks College during the week. Students are encouraged to come during any part of the writing process, whether they need help getting started or already have a complete draft.

Contact information: Lindsay_Fenton@Baylor.edu