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Graduate Tutor

Lindsay Fenton

General Description

In order to enhance the academic experience associated with Brooks Residential College, at least one graduate student is invited annually to join the college as part of a formal Graduate Fellowship Program. The Graduate Tutor is provided with a room (bathroom en suite) and a meal plan. In return, he or she fulfills formal responsibilities in support of undergraduate academic pursuits, and he or she also is informally available for interaction with undergraduates over meals and at a variety of college functions. Our current Graduate Fellowship is designated for a role entitled Research Tutor for Arts and Letters (commonly referred to as “Graduate Tutor”).

The Graduate Fellows Program in Brooks Residential College is offered inasmuch as:

residential college best practices include the presence of and contributions by graduate students;

undergraduates in the college will benefit from academic assistance in the areas of arts/letters; and

graduate members of the college will benefit from connections with undergraduates under the mentorship of faculty members.

Specific Responsibilities

The Research Tutor for Arts and Letters has formal responsibilities that involve:

developing a positive rapport with college members through accessibility, personal interest, and regular conversation

publicizing effectively the teaching/learning opportunities that are planned for the college

serving as a liaison to the college council’s academic/arts committee

keeping regular office hours (ten hours/week) in a designated space within the college (including some evening hours);

meeting with undergraduates in connection with assigned research projects in arts and letters;

consulting with undergraduates about strengths and weaknesses in their research methodologies, the quality, use, and citation of primary and secondary sources; and the integration of their own analysis and argument with outside sources;

assisting undergraduates in identifying and utilizing appropriate reference librarians in connection with their work;

teaching undergraduates the marks of artful, cogent, and eloquent writing;

helping undergraduates acquire the skills and habits of effective proofreading;

communicating with course instructors about consultative sessions with students; and

providing weekly reports to the college master. In addition, it is expected that he/she will be informally involved in the life of the college through routine presence at college meals/events.

Contact Information:

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