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Magister Dixit

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October 21, 2012

Dearest Members of Brooks College:

Words that I never imagined saying--at least not in anything but the most distant, hypothetical sort of way--now need to said. My days as the master of the college will come to their conclusion at the end of the academic year, bringing to a close six wonderful years of life for the Henry family within a collegiate community that we have come to cherish.

When in 2006 I advanced my application to serve as the first residential college master in what represented a pioneering step forward for Baylor. I could not have imagined all of the ways that my educational vocation would be enlarged over the next seven years of helping to dream about and design the college, and then moving into our newly built college and living alongside students whose extraordinary lives, aspirations, and stories I cherish.

Michele, Zachary, and I are grateful for the camaraderie, joys, and even sorrows and travails that we have shared together these past several years, for they have been shared with you, wonderful, God-blessed persons formed in the image of God and intended for greatness. Along with many others at and beyond Baylor, you--especially our students who placed confidence in us--allowed us the honor of leading by word and example, and you gave us the opportunity to encourage our shared progress in virtue. We have regarded our responsibilities as a real gift, and we hope we have fulfilled them well in service to Christ.

It is with foreseeable regret that we will find ourselves taking up a way of life that is quieter, more distant from the vital energy of the college, and less structured by the habits of the collegiate way of life. Following six years—and nearly one hundred and eighty Sunday dinners, an equal number of Tuesday teas, and more than fifteen hundred services of morning and evening prayer—we scarcely will know what to do with ourselves.

We are eager to support the continued triumphs of Brooks College in new roles beyond the ones we have now. I am certain we will come back often to participate in college activities, and in any case my faculty office will remain alongside the rest of my colleagues in the Great Texts, so I will remain a daily presence in the college.

Our love for Baylor and our distinctive, Christ-centered mission runs deep, especially as we have exemplified it together in the life of Brooks College. We have great affection and so many high hopes for you, and those will not change regardless of where we live.

Magister dixit--the master has said it. Now let's pray that God will bless it!

All the best,

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Douglas Henry

Douglas V. Henry
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Associate Dean, Honors College
Master, Brooks Residential College
Baylor University