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John Parker


I was born September 25, 1992 in Wylie, Texas and have always lived in the outskirts of the Dallas area. I have been forced to overcome many difficulties in my life as my father left home when I was ten and my mother passed away my freshman year of high school. Changes in environment necessitate adaptation to survive, so I girded myself in an armor of humor and wit that remain with me to this day. Life at home was often strained, so I instead chose to participate in whatever extracurriculars I could possibly be a part of. I was never a particularly good athlete and our football team needed a manager. The position demanded several afterschool hours a day. Naturally, to escape home, I took the job. The same was true when basketball season came around and I learned I would be travelling late weeknights for long games. Activity prevents the mind from reminding you of a painful past or an equally difficult present. This vein of thinking led me to join the speech team, the newspaper, and the drama production. A mere couple weeks following my mother’s passing, when others might have stayed home and grieved, I hosted our all-school banquet and dance. This is not to say I did this because I was strong-willed or above grief, but rather it was the distraction I sought to help me escape my troubles. But what began as an effort to get away from home became something else. My desire to be an active part of the community around me became very real. Years after I transitioned to the calm of my grandparents’ home, I still remained engaged. Activity in my school became my calling and I kept working, serving, and contributing right up through senior year. During that time, I accumulated a treasure trove of medals, plaques, and trophies and that helped placate my competitive nature. Yet, even when the reward was not great nor the competitive level high, I found myself enjoying these activities for involvement’s sake. I felt as though my contributions benefitted the school around me and that was a better panacea than simply being removed from home ever was. The same has been true here in my new home here at Brooks. I believe that I can make a difference here. If you will do me the great honor, I would like to help lead Brooks College into a better, brighter future with you alongside me every step of the way.

Candidacy Statement:

I look at Brooks and I see tremendous potential for this community. Already I have seen enduring friendships form, students work together to attain lofty goals, and the torch of our communal spirit shine brighter than anywhere else on the Baylor campus. But I have also noticed our light shines far dimmer than our potential dictates it ought. Divisions have arisen among members and the decision-making bodies of the college. Events have at times been poorly planned, poorly promoted, or poorly attended. Complacent attitudes have sprung from these disappointments and animosity toward others and the College, because of these failings. It seems at times our community is no more than a place to lay our heads at night and if that’s how you feel I cannot necessarily blame you. I am running for President of Brooks College to restore the potential we have seemingly lost and to cultivate new life in an institution wilting from a lack of interest and vigor. In order to fix what has been broken, to recreate what made Brooks successful in its first few years, and forge new traditions that will hold our community together long after we are gone, I make you the following three promises.

3 Promises

Improve Communication

Brooks College is suffering from a Communications breakdown. Communication is obstructed between staff and students, students and the College Council, the Council and CL’s and between committees. As a result, great ideas from students and staff mutually fall by the wayside. I promise to serve as your liaison. My office hours will not be in an office, but instead in the heart of the JCR. I will aggressively pursue greater cooperation between committees and ensure every good idea is presented before the Council and every Council decision is transparently presented back to you.

More Events; Better Events

Good events have been somewhat few and far between. This is not to say the committees behind these events are at fault, as the committees currently lack the necessary involvement and coordination to meet their full potential. My philosophy regarding events is this: Events require mass appeal to be successful; events must be heavily promoted in order to draw a crowd; and events must be FUN!!! I promise to bring more dances, more intramural sports, dinners and luncheons to Brooks while replacing tired and uninteresting events on the calendar. Most importantly, I promise to better involve you in this decision-making process. I will ask for your input constantly and consistently in order to create the best event experiences possible.

Encourage Participation

This one may seem obvious, but it is something that has not always been accomplished. Events cannot succeed, life at Brooks cannot improve, and friendships cannot be forged without participation in this community. I make this last promise. I promise to encourage, badger, pester, poke, and prod you into plugging into this community. How else can community ever work?

All of us were admitted under the pretenses of joining a community that does not end where the door to your dorm room begins. I believe that you and I, together, can make this lofty endeavor work; we can be the model future residents look toward. Each and every one of us owns the traditions of this institution. We revel in the old ones and each day make new ones all in the hope that what we do here has meaning and the potential to endure. To paraphrase our College’s namesake, Samuel Palmer Brooks, we must cherish this place for the experiences it offers us now and also tomorrow; we must make each day count and utilize it to its fullest; we must carry on the torch. As President, if you will bestow me that great honor, I promise you we will fulfill that legacy and, together, we will carry on the torch.