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Members Out-of-College

Henry, Douglas V. high res (w x h, 0 KB)Dear Out-of-College Members of Brooks College:

During the first month of the fall term it has been my pleasure to see many of you, hear of your summer experiences, and think about the year ahead.  Although you are living “out of college,”  as the traditional expression has it, I want to underscore that we continue to regard you as members of Brooks College.  Even though you are not living with the four walls of the college, you have a warm invitation to continue affiliating with the college and involving yourself in the life of the college.  As you know, some of the mainstays of our shared life together include:

As your schedules and interests allow, I hope that you will sustain your involvement in the Christian intellectual life to which Brooks College beckons us.  You have much to offer and much to receive from being a part of the collegiate way of life that we began last year.  Plenty of great things take place in the college, and you are always welcome to join us.

Also, let me note that I am always here and available to help you in any way that I can, so don’t hesitate to drop me a note or to come by and see me if I can offer you a listening ear, a word of counsel, or a commitment to prayerfulness together.

All the best,

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Douglas V. Henry, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Master, Brooks Residential College