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Temperance (temperantia)

SG Temperance

Austerely represented in the upper portion of the next window forward is Elijah, the ascetic prophet known for his temperance. Faithfully presented as described in 2 Kings 1:8, Elijah wears a garment of hair and belt of rope. His gaze is cast upward where he sees a chariot of fire, sent by God to take him, deathless, to heaven. The predella shows us St. Macrina, the eldest of ten siblings that included three famous bishops of the early church: St. Basil of Caesarea, St. Gregory of Nyssa, and St. Peter of Sebaste. By her life of self-denial Macrina contributed in important ways to the development of Christian monasticism, with its disciplined ordering of life for the sake of faithfulness to God. She is presented here in devotional prayer in her convent cell.

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