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Courage (fortitudo)

SG Courage

Fortitude, or Courage, is a central moral virtue. In the conquest of Canaan and amidst the confusion of the children of Israel during difficult days, Joshua numbers among the memorably courageous believers in God's great faithfulness. Present here with sword and trumpet in hand, his inclusion in the fortitude window reminds us that exercising courage involves knowledgeable trust in the right cause, pursued at the right time, in the right way, for the right reasons. "Be strong and of good courage," the Lord commanded him, and it was thereby that he was victorious as Moses' successor in leading the Israelites. Below, we see figured a great Baptist hero, John Bunyan, who reveals fortitude at work in a different form, if not by different means. Bunyan gives us courage without evident victory; after all, his defiance of the Clarendon Code, which outlawed English Nonconformist worship, resulted in years of imprisonment in the Bedford jail. Confronted with the plaintive cries of his children to abide by the law and thereby return home, Bunyan demonstrates the quality of fortitude that suffers patiently for the sake of what is good and right, another mode of Christian courage at its best. Looking across the chapel, we perceive a connection between courage and prudence.

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