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Robbins Chapel Dedication: Invocation
Douglas V. Henry

Gracious Father, gentle Lord, who by the miracle of Your Spirit's work makes true and fit worship possible for Your frail children;

Invocation pic Give us, we pray, Your blessing as we humbly gather to dedicate ourselves, our worship, and this chapel to Your glory;

Keep us free of the sin that condemns, forgive us readily of the snares that entangle, and preserve us from the trials that might overwhelm so that, according to Your grace we might know, love, and delight in You;

Grant to us purity of heart that we might see You, even in this hour insofar as our weakness allows;

Hold us fast always and especially now, we pray, in affection for Your Way, in affirmation of Your Truth, and in assurance of Your Life;

These things we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord, for whose sake we are gathered, in whose service we labor, and in whose chapel we pray, out of the desire for nothing save the greater love of our Lord. Amen.